Media Planning and Analysis

After receiving all of the clients request First Impressions Advertising Will customize a simulated advertising schedule/presentation with the suggested media products to accommodate the clients budget.

This media planning could be for an event for weeks or for a yearly advertising campaign. FIA Will make sure all the available research is provided to help you make your advertising decisions.

Media Buying

Here at First Impressions Advertising (FIA) we offer media buying for broadcast and cable television along with am and fm radio.

Our goal is to get the lowest rate possible per commercial along with any type of bonus commercials to increase your frequency in your market.

Advertising Surveys

FIA offers advertising surveys for radio and TV. To help you make the correct advertising decision for television and radio we will provide you the results of a in-depth thorough Survey.

This will help to support our recommendations for certain networks for television and radio. We also offer Survey information for billboards and outdoor advertising in your market.

Online Marketing

FIA offers online advertising with all the major radio and TV websites. We will design your radio or TV advertising online banner to help you brand your business with local media listeners and viewers.

Email Marketing

For years clients have been wasting their email advertising by using the same email client list or emails that were not targeted for their business. FIA  as been offering email targeting the past two years.

Do you want to reach male, female, young or old, with pets or without pets? Now we can target clients that like sports, music or like to travel. FIA can even reach the Republicans and Democrats. Please ask about I'll email targeting programs.

Hispanic Media

At FIA We have the relationships with the top rated Hispanic radio stations and the available cable TV Hispanic networks in your market. We also provide Hispanic script writing for your radio and TV commercial.

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