TV Media

Television Production

FIA only provides 1080 HD 30 seconds or 60 commercials. We will make sure that your new commercial is formatted for broadcast TV or cable TV. We provide script writing and casting for your new commercial if needed.

Your new commercial has the option to be seen local or in any state in the country. FIA has plenty of options of commercial types to make it affordable for any new advertisers budget.

Script Writing

FIA provides full script writing services for broadcast TV, cable television and radio. When the simulated marketing schedule/ presentation is approved, the script writing begins. After any changes and adjustments, the script is approved by the client then the radio or TV production begins.

Again all final scripts are approved by the client. We also offer our new hybrid commercial which will accommodate your radio and TV commercial with one script in order for the client to save money by having one script for both the radio and TV commercial. This script needs to be written in a particular way in order to suit both of the media products.

Cable TV Commercials

We here at FIA have a great relationship with cable television. From major sporting events to prime time cable TV shows, we are able to insert your new commercial in these prime time slots. Our goal is to provide as much frequency and save the client as much money as possible so they can stay within their budget.

We usually save clients 20 to 35% on their cable television investment and try to provide them with free bonus commercials in order to increase their frequency which will help saturate their market.

Broadcast TV Commercials

FIA has all the local broadcast TV relationships in your market. Anything from local news to prime time hit TV programs can be provided. We also recommend affordable day time broadcast TV from 5:00am to 6:00pm.

First Impressions Advertising can generally save the client 15-20% on broadcast television.

Editing and Casting

FIA will help to provide complete casting and editing for all TV and radio commercials. FIA will ensure you that all commercial consent forms are filled out by adults and children under the age of 18. We provide all voiceovers and actors if needed for an additional fee.

FIA will also suggest locations if required.

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